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Battery recycling more than doubled

Jan 06 2012

Given the opportunity, British Columbians are recycling their batteries like never before.

Non-profit group Call2Recycle, which runs battery recycling in the province, said Thursday the number of batteries collected for recycling was up 150 per cent in 2011 over 2010.

Collection of all household batteries for recycling began in B.C. in July of 2010, when a deal was struck between the provincial government and Call2Recycle, an organization created by battery companies to keep their products out of landfills.

Kristen Romilly of Call2Recycle credited the dramatic increase in B.C. to the province's decision to push for battery recycling.

There are now more than 2,000 sites where consumers can drop off their batteries - free of charge - compared with about 1,150 prior to July 2010.

After being collected, the batteries are shipped to Trail for sorting to be processed according to their chemical makeup.

But no part of the battery goes to the landfill, which is critical.

"There are toxic elements in batteries that can leak into landfills and subsequently into ecological systems," said Romilly.

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