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Vehicle leaves oil on road

Feb 09 2012

Drivers on Highway 14, between Otter Point and Port Renfrew, had to deal with a spill of diesel or home heating oil that left an oily slick over the road Wednesday morning.

"It was more significant that a leak in a fuel tank. It left a full sheen on the highway," said Shirley fire chief Donovan Ray.

"It was pretty slippery."

Highways crews laid down a layer of sand and it does not appear the oil caused any accidents, but Ray is anxious to find the source.

It is likely the spill came from either a home heating oil truck, with the nozzle open, or from a vehicle carrying a portable tank for fueling machinery, Ray said.

"My concern is that, whatever was leaking, when they stop, there's going to be a big spill at the other end," he said.

"I hope someone might have some information and we can track it down."

The oil does not appear to have seeped into local waterways, Ray said.

The vehicle appears to have been heading west, towards Port Renfrew, and would have been travelling early Wednesday morning, he said.

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