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Jewelry shop owner brings down robber

Feb 12 2012

A man who attempted to rob an Oak Bay antique jewelry store was tackled by both the store owner and a woman who held him until police arrived.

Peter Everett was behind the counter of Cambridge Antiques, at 2207 Oak Bay Ave., at 2: 20 p.m. Friday when a man wearing a white hard hat and dust mask burst into the store and rushed down the aisle.

There were a number of customers in the store at the time, Everett said Saturday.

"I thought it was some sort of a joke, maybe someone I know was pulling a goofy thing," said Everett.

The robber had a paintball gun inside a black bag.

"He pointed it in my face and slammed the black bag down on the corner and said 'Fill it up,' " Everett recalled.

Everett said he has "quite nice" jewelry in his store and he was not about to hand it over.

"I told him to bugger off," Everett said.

The robber dashed to the front of the store and was trying to grab jewelry in the store-front display when Everett tackled him and held him to the floor with the help of a female customer.

Other people were trying to get in the store as well to help Everett, he said. "The people of Oak Bay are fabulous," Everett said of those willing to help him during the robbery.

Oak Bay police arrested the man and said in a statement that he has previous robbery convictions. The investigation is continuing. smmculloch@timescolonist.com

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