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Ideas conference throws up all manner of suggestions

Feb 26 2012

From homemade batteries to a poetry workshop, the first day of Victoria's annual IdeaWave conference introduced a range of concepts for public discussion Saturday.

The event, in its third year, continues today at the Ambrosia Conference & Event Centre on Fisgard Street. The concept is simple: 50 people have 10 minutes to share their idea. Each talk is designed to inspire discussion throughout the conference and beyond.

Janice Mansfield shared with the audience her recent experiment with Fernet Branca, a spirit used in home remedies for several health conditions. She wanted to test it to see if the drink is as medicinal as people claim.

The personal chef has always had a taste for bitter alcoholic drinks, so spending a month drinking 20 millilitres a day was not that much of a stretch for her.

Mansfield took her experiment a step further and recorded video diaries while she had her daily drink, which she plans to put online. She noticed improvements to her digestion during the month she drank Fernet Branca.

Craig Carmichael impressed his audience with his building-a-betterbattery project.

He created his own battery at home and hopes to offer battery-making workshops by the fall. He also wants to be able to sell materials, tools and battery making kits.

The electronics engineering technologist has a long list of inventions.

Dvora Levin held a workshop to illustrate the power of writing a short poem.

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