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Man accused of stabbing cop said "badge deserves to die," court hears

Mar 01 2012

Const. Lane Douglas-Hunt deserves to live but "the badge deserves to die," Guy Hervé Séguin told a Victoria police detective after his arrest for stabbing the young officer outside a 7-Eleven last year.

The video of Séguin's two-hour interview with Staff Sgt. Scott McGregor on the night of Jan. 17, 2011, was played for the jury Wednesday at Séguin's attempted murder trial in B.C. Supreme Court. A calm, persistent McGregor tries to find out why Séguin stabbed Douglas-Hunt that morning.

Séguin, at times loud and angry, tells McGregor he is tired of being beaten by police officers. A cop beat him up outside the police station 18 months ago, Séguin says. Two others beat him up as he walked along the shoreline. He was even punched in court by a bailiff.

"Who are you f---ing people that keep watching me get beaten?" he asks McGregor.

Séguin says he has written to the mayor, the chief of police and the commissioner, but no one will protect him and no one will give him the tapes of the beatings.

"You're stuck on what happened today and I'm stuck on what brought me to today," Séguin says.

McGregor finds out a little bit about Séguin. His wife has died. He is a grandfather. He moved to B.C. in 2008 after a dispute forced him out of his home in Ontario. He lives at the Salvation Army and collects Canada pension and some WCB money.

"But every morning I wake up with that s--t in my head, the beatings I got," he says.

That morning, he was looking for cigarette butts outside the 7-Eleven on Douglas Street, Séguin says.

"I saw a cop and what was in my mind was no more beatings . . . She came up to me and I grabbed her," Séguin tells McGregor. "I just saw a police uniform and I grabbed it. I didn't even know who I was grabbing."

"There's no doubt in my mind you stabbed Const. Hunt and no doubt in my mind you tried to kill her today. I don't know the why part," McGregor says.

He shows Séguin a photo of Douglas-Hunt: "She's 24. She's a kid."

"She could be my daughter," Séguin replies calmly.

When McGregor suggests Séguin feels badly about what he's done, Séguin says she would not have stopped him from being beaten by other officers.

"I know she's a beautiful young woman, but the badge is crooked."

Séguin insists he didn't mean to kill her.

"When I saw that uniform, I just blew up. . . . When I first saw her, she was on top of me and I saw the blood drip down from her and that's when I realized it was a woman. I threw the knife away."

McGregor suggests Séguin waited for Douglas-Hunt to come out of the store because he wanted to kill a police officer to show how upset he was with the police in general.

"You saw a cop go into 7-Eleven and you'd reached your limit."

"My limit had been reached for quite a while . . . If I wanted to kill anyone, I would have done it long before now," Séguin replies.

He did not plan to kill Douglas-Hunt and doesn't know why he stabbed her, he tells McGregor.

"I feel sorry for hurting her, but I don't feel sorry for what I did that day. I went after the badge. She deserves to live, but the badge deserves to die . . . It should have been one of those who beat me, then I could have shoved [the knife] right in their face."


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