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Man convicted of attempted murder in attack on Victoria police officer

Mar 07 2012

Guy Hervé Séguin has been convicted of the attempted murder of a 25-year-old Victoria police officer last year.

After deliberating for about five hours Tuesday, a B.C. Supreme Court jury found Séguin intended to kill Const. Lane Douglas Hunt when he stabbed her outside a downtown 7-Eleven at 813 Douglas St. on Jan. 17, 2011.

At the word “guilty,” Douglas Hunt, her parents, Cliff and Mary, and her sister, Brittany, wept with relief.

“This is the most emotionally draining and gut-wrenching experience thing we’ve ever gone through,” said her father, Cliff Hunt, outside the courtroom. “To see the evidence, to see the attack, to see the stalking, to see the blows being struck was just unbelievable.”

This would have been a murder trial, if not for his daughter’s supernatural reflexes, said Hunt, referring to a quick block she made with her hand as Séguin tried to stab her neck. “She survived a knife fight by one-16th of an inch,” said Hunt. That was what was shocking for us.

I stood in the trauma room. I saw her injuries before they were patched up.

“This would have been a murder trial if not for one-16th of an inch that the blade did not enter her carotid artery. I still haven’t wrapped my head around that,” he said.

“The police chief told me 90 per cent of his officers would have died in that knife attack. They don’t know how she reacted so quickly.”

The jury was not told that less than eight months after the attack Douglas Hunt won the gold medal in the toughest competitor alive event at the World Police and Fire Games in New York.

The family, which has been present in the courtroom throughout the trial, thanked investigator Scott McGregor, prosecutor Steve Fudge, the critical incident team, Victoria police officers and the people of Victoria.

Hunt recalled that on the night of the stabbing, he came home from the hospital and 10 minutes later a police car pulled up with a huge bouquet of flowers from an anonymous person, who was overwhelmed that a police officer had been attacked.

“No card. No anything. And the flowers just kept coming and coming.”

Hunt and his wife believe God intervened and protected their daughter that day. Séguin initially approached her from behind outside the store when a gust of wind blew his hat off, her father said. By the time Séguin picked it up, his daughter had gone into the 7-Eleven to investigate a shoplifting complaint.

“That was God saying, ‘It’s not time for you to come home, Lane. I’m not done with you.’ He would have killed her. She wasn’t looking.”

The jury heard that Séguin felt aggrieved by previous run-ins with Victoria police and was angry and resentful toward police.

The attacked happened about 9:30 a.m. on Jan. 17, 2011. Séguin followed Douglas Hunt into the store, noted where she was, then left the store and waited for her outside the door. As Douglas Hunt left, she held the door open for him, thinking he wanted to come in. Séguin took out a knife and tried to stab her in the neck. She testified that she felt her earring being torn out and felt a prick at her neck. She was able to block Séguin’s hand and wrestle him to the ground.

Douglas Hunt’s left hand was badly cut — the tendon attached to her left thumb was severed — when she blocked Séguin’s swing. She suffered a laceration to her earlobe, lacerations to the left side of her neck and a knife wound to her right hand.

Séguin’s sentencing date is to be set March 21.


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