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Victoria police arrest driver of stolen car

Mar 17 2012

A Victoria police officer on routine patrol was proven to have good instincts when deciding to follow a suspicious-looking vehicle in the Rock Bay area last week.

The officer, accompanied by a police dog, saw a Dodge Spirit cruising around the area about 7:15 on the evening of March 13. After the car was followed for a short distance the driver pulled over and parked, and back-up officers arrived.

It was discovered that the ignition of the car had been punched out, and the vehicle had been reported stolen from Nanaimo’s Rutherford Mall a dew days earlier. The 32-year-old driver, a Victoria man, was found to have an outstanding warrant for his arrest in Saanich, while the 24-year-old woman with him was in possession of five heroin-filled needles.

The man was charged with car theft and breach of a conditional sentence order. The woman faces charges of drug possession for the purpose of trafficking and possession of stolen property.