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Langford's mayoral race cash-free

Mar 24 2012

Despite spending no money on his re-election campaign in November, Langford Mayor Stew Young easily returned as head of one of the fastest growing cities in the province.

The 18-year mayor declared no expenses from the municipal election, deciding to run solely on his reputation in the community.

The entire campaign was cash-free with his only opponent, Christopher Johnson, not declaring any expenses either, according to financial statements.

Young used a few signs left over from previous elections, but said he wanted to rely on his public record.

"I'm here all the time, anyway, and I'm out talking to everybody all the time," Young said. "Plus, my family has been here for generations, so that's probably where I get most of my support."

The political race in North Saanich was drastically different.

Mayor Alice Finall was acclaimed, but still spent $4,039. She started campaigning as soon as she filed nomination papers, ordering brochures, building a website and making house calls.

The majority of expenses go to advertising, signs and brochures, although other items can be claimed - including a haircut, as Sidney Coun. Melissa Hailey did ($33.36).

"I did not know I would be acclaimed until the end of the nomination period, and I was into an active campaign at that point," Finall said.

Some candidates spend more than people contributed, so they have to pay the difference. Others don't spend the entire amount donated.

Most new candidates put in at least a portion of their own money.


Campaign expenses for candidates in Langford, Sidney and North Saanich ranged from $0 to $12,378.

An asterisk (*) denotes an elected candidate.



*Stew Young: $0

Christopher Johnson: $0


*Denise Blackwell: $3,554.55

*Matt Sahlstrom: $3,335.65

*Winnie Sifert $3,358.23

*Lanny Seaton $2,867.05

*Lillian Szpak $3,440.79

*Roger Wade: $3,677.59

Grant McLachlon: $2,085.24

Sean Horgan: $0



*Larry Cross: $4,111

Jack Barker: $12,378


Michael Barwick: $429

*Tim Chad: $1,523

*Melissa Hailey: $274

*Mervyn Lougher-Goodey: $3,257

*Kenneth Podmore: $3,725

*Marilyn Loveless: $3,197

*Steve Price: $3,025

Lois Weaver: $266

North Saanich


*Alice Finall: $4,039


*Dunstan Browne: $873

*Ted Daly: $4,236

*Conny McBride: $1,383

*Craig Mearns: $2,050

*Elsie McMurphy: $8,818

*Celia Stock: $8,316

Allan Collier: $6,529

Ted Izard: $1,071

Jack Thornburgh: $1,780

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