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West Shore RCMP probe surge in credit card fraud

Mar 29 2012

West Shore RCMP are in the middle of three fraud investigations following a spike in the last month in people using stolen credit card numbers to make purchases.

The fraudsters are convincing clerks to let them enter credit card numbers manually on a PIN pad, after pretending their card isn’t working on the swipe and or chip reader device, said RCMP spokeswoman Cpl. Kathy Rochlitz.

The credit card is either fake or the person is entering a stolen number not attached to the card in their hand, she said.

Rochlitz said the chip and PIN are important security features on a credit card that should not be over-rided. The store is responsible for the loss if they let someone enter a fraudulent credit card manually.

Rochlitz said the spike in the last 30 days has sparked three investigations to try to identify those responsible. She noted there were similarities between the West Shore frauds and the massive PIN pad fraud being investigated by Saanich police. In that case, four men from the Lower Mainland were arrested in Saanich and found to be using credit card numbers stolen through tampered PIN pads in Calgary and Surrey.

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