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RCMP investigate possible mobile meth lab

Mar 29 2012

An RCMP team is at Saanich police headquarters Thursday afternoon, examining what is believed to be a mobile meth lab found in the trunk of a car during an arrest Wednesday.

Saanich police conducted a routine traffic stop in Gordon Head and the officer recognized the driver as a known offender who was in breach of conditions. Upon searching the car, the officer found unmarked containers of chemicals, suspected to be ingredients for cooking up crystal meth, said police spokesman Sgt. Dean Jantzen.

The RCMP specialized team arrived from Vancouver today to inspect the chemicals.

The man is being held in custody on charges related to breach of recognizance, but drug charges have not yet been laid.

Once investigators determine what the chemicals are, samples will be collected as evidence and a hazardous-materials team will safely dispose of them, Jantzen said.

Two RCMP officers, dressed in full hazmat suits, are carefully taking samples from three gerry cans to determine whether the chemicals are those typically used for making crystal meth.

32-year-old Saanich man arrested and type of car was a rented Nissan Rogue.

Police also recovered a small amount of crystal meth, a bottle of GHB, production paraphernalia such as pots and stirring mechanisms.