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Unlike Governor General, Queen's man in B.C. is used to paying income tax

Apr 05 2012

Canada's Governor General may have been hit by cost-cutting in the federal budget, but the Queen's representative in B.C. isn't facing any similar changes.

The Governor General will now have to pay income tax on his salary, the federal government announced last week.

B.C.'s lieutenant-governors, on the other hand, have been paying income tax for years.

Lt.-Gov. Steven Point pays regular taxes on his annual salary of $123,900, said James Hammond, executive director of Government House.

"He's taxed completely, and the lieutenant-governors have been for some time," Hammond said.

The federal government pays Point's salary, while B.C. provides for his budget.

Although the province has been through several deficit budgets, and is again embarking on a series of cost-cutting measures, the lieutenant-governor's annual budget has remained mostly unchanged at $1.2 million, Hammond said.

That money is used to pay staff, security and maintenance, as well as host public events, such as concerts on the lawn, seniors teas and awards ceremonies.

The federal and provincial governments also provide grants for various projects, and the Government House Foundation fundraises for additional renovations and purchases.


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