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Man gets 5 years for prostitute attack

Apr 14 2012

Jaikob Johnston was sentenced Friday in Victoria provincial court to five years in prison for the aggravated sexual assault of a prostitute.

With credit for time already served, the sentence means Johnston will spend 41 months incarcerated at a federal institution.

Johnston, 21 at the time of the incident, pleaded guilty to choking a prostitute to unconsciousness on Sept. 5, 2009.

The assault occurred after Johnston propositioned the prostitute and walked 3.4 kilometres from Rock Bay to his home. He agreed to pay the woman $100, but he had no money.

When they got to his residence, she insisted on getting the money first. He became enraged, attacked her and choked her until he thought she was dead. Her clothes were later found in a yard near Johnston's residence, as though he threw them out the window. She was found naked in Hampton Park, near Johnston's Burnside Road home.

Johnston claimed to have no memory of the assault due to intoxication.

The woman, then 28, was sent to hospital with injuries to her chest, neck and head and a badly swollen tongue.

In a sentencing hearing on Friday, Judge Josiah Wood noted that Johnston had no prior criminal history. Unlike many offenders, Johnston had not experienced abuse or neglect in his upbringing. He left school in Grade 8 and was frequently involved in fights.

He moved from Chilliwack to Victoria in March 2009 to deal with a growing alcohol dependency.

A psychologist determined that Johnston was a moderate risk to reoffend in sexual violence, and his risk to reoffend violently, without the sexual component, was significantly higher.

Wood concluded that Johnston's claim of poor memory was an attempt to shelter himself from the law. Aggravating factors included premeditation of the crime and "luring this vulnerable victim, half his size."

He also attempted to cover up his crime by flipping over the mattress on his bed and dragging the woman to Hampton Park.

He is ordered not to possess weapons, give a DNA sample and be registered on a national data bank for sexual offenders and have no contact with the victim.


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