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Diesel spill in Sooke Basin has dissipated

Apr 21 2012

A diesel spill in the Sooke Basin that appeared to stretch for a kilometre dispersed through the night on Thursday and was largely gone by Friday morning.

Sooke fire Chief Steve Sorensen said the department responded after a concerned citizen called about 8 p.m. Thursday.

“When we arrived at the Sooke Rotary wharf there was quite a heavy odour of diesel in the air,” he said. “The spill extended roughly from just past the Sooke Rotary wharf to the government wharf.”

The area’s coast guard auxiliary helped out by checking local marinas trying to determine where the diesel had come from, Sorensen said.

“We searched along the shoreline to see if there was a land-based source, but by then it was dark and it was pretty hard to see anything.”

The search resumed early Friday morning, he said.

“There was still a small amount of residual fuel in and around the government wharf.”

The coast guard’s spill-response unit was on the scene Friday and told Sorensen that everything seemed to be back to normal by about mid-morning.

“They gave the all-clear. With the change of the tide and a bit of wind it’s broken up and dissipated.”

He said further examination of the area will be done in an effort to find out where the diesel came from.


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