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World of students to sail in for big run

Apr 27 2012

Pearson College is sailing in for Sunday's Times Colonist 10K, bringing a massive 112-person team that has members from 52 countries, 12 Canadian provinces and territories, and eight American states.

"More than half the school's running," said college director David Hawley.

Students and staff will add a bit of adventure to the TC 10K experience by travelling from their Metchosin campus to downtown Victoria on Pearson's fleet of sailboats.

"We're sailing to the Inner Harbour. We're going to fill all our sailboats with students and we'll sleep in the harbour, then wake up and walk right out to the street and run the 10K," said Hawley.

The team's international flavour is understandable, since Pearson is one of 13 United World Colleges spread across the globe. All emphasize the value of students from many regions coming together to learn.

That translates into a $1,000 award as the biggest of the race's 371 teams.

"We're pretty excited about it, given that we only have 160 students in the whole college this year," Hawley said.

The team is made up of 91 students and 21 faculty and staff. Hawley, an avid runner, has promised to make a donation to the Pearson College Scholarship Fund on behalf of any student who beats him. "I think everyone will be out to get me," he said with a laugh.

Pearson's high participation level in the 10K has evolved from a student-led fitness program, Hawley said. "It's the second or third time the school has done the 10K, but it's the first time with these kinds of numbers," he said.

The race starts at 8 a.m. Sunday at Belleville and Government streets.


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