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Easter Seals camp benefits as act of kindness is rewarded with $5,000

May 10 2012

A simple act of kindness has earned the Royal Roadrunners a large, unexpected donation.

The Roadrunners, who hail from Royal Roads University, are one of the teams signed up for the 18th annual Vancouver Island 24-Hour Relay for the Kids on June 2 and 3 at the University of Victoria's Centennial Stadium.

The event raises money to send children with disabilities to Easter Seals Camp Shawnigan.

The surprise donation came about when teammates Jody Correia and Lisa Robinson went for lunch earlier this month.

"It was rainy and cold, and I just happened to be driving on this road," Correia said. "I saw a hand raising up from behind a tree."

The women found a 94year-old man lying in his frontyard, where he had taken a tumble. He said he wasn't hurt, and the women helped him up.

After work, Correia checked on the man again.

He told Correia he thought he might have died if she and Robinson hadn't spotted him.

"He asked me what my favourite charity was, and it kind of threw me."

She explained that she was captain of a running team that supported Easter Seals. With that, he asked his wife to get his cheque book and said he was giving her $5,000.

"I told him, 'No, no way am I taking that kind of money.' "

But he insisted, and said donating money was what he liked to do.

"He said, 'When I worked, I used to make money, and now I give it away as a hobby.' "

The money is enough to send two more children to Camp Shawnigan, Correia said.

She said the man was fine with her sharing the story about his donation, but wished to remain anonymous.


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