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Former U.S. rocket scientist sentenced for attempted murder of Victora couple

May 11 2012

David Ross Golberg has received a nine-and-a-half year sentence for the attempted murders of his ex-fiancee and her husband in September 2008.

This morning, B.C. Supreme Court Justice Geoffrey Gaul also handed the 40 year-old American rocket scientist an 18-month sentence to be served concurrently for possession of explosive substances without an explanation.

Gaul gave Goldberg two for one credit for the three years and eight months he has spent in custody. This means, Goldberg must serve a further sentence of two years less a day.

When he is released from custody, Goldberg will be deported and placed on a three-year probation order which prevents him from entering Canada for three years. He is also prohibited from contacting his ex-fiancee Tatcha Aroonjaratsang, her husband Jeremy Walsh and his father William John Walsh for three years.

Goldberg and Aroonjaratsang met online in July 2007 and became engaged that September. Following Thai custom, he gave her mother gold bars worth about $30,000. They took part in a Thai engagement ceremony.

But in early 2008, Aroonjaratsang stopped returning his emails and phone calls. Goldberg became ill and lost his job.

He emailed her obsessively and did not want the relationship to end.

In July, Aroonjaratsang told him she was married.

Goldberg felt jilted and took obsessive steps to find out where the young couple were living. He bought a handgun, a shotgun, and a membership to a firing range. He drove from his home in California and took the Coho to Victoria.

Goldberg lied to Canadian border officials, telling them he was passing through Canada with his two firearms on his way to Alaska.

Instead, on the night of Sept. 24, 2008, Goldberg was waiting with a loaded handgun outside the couple's house when they arrived home from grocery shopping. Goldberg moved a gun’s laser sight between their foreheads, asking: “Do you know you are going to die tonight?”

Walsh moved towards Goldberg to protect himself and his wife. Goldberg was almost killed in an ensuing altercation. The firearm was discharged three times and Goldberg was stabbed six times.