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Teen's party post on Facebook brings 'chaos'

May 16 2012

Facebook is not a good place for teens to post information about house parties if they want to keep the gathering manageable and hang on to household belongings, say Saanich police.

The caution comes after a Broadmead teenager had to call police last week when more than 70 people showed up at a gathering she was hosting while her parents were out of town.

"It was described by our police officers who arrived on the scene as really chaos. - [There were] your typical fights and liquor violations - the whole works," said Sgt. Dean Jantzen.

Many people were not invited and it turned out some of them wanted to take souvenirs.

Soon after partiers dispersed, a laptop and other small items were found to be missing, Jantzen said.

"As luck would have it, one of our traffic safety unit officers was monitoring the bus stop that was nearby, and he saw a number of kids get on the bus," he said. "He actually stopped the bus and went on himself and contacted all of the young folks." He found a bag - which no one claimed - that contained the laptop and other property.

It wasn't until the girl's parents came home that they discovered someone had jimmied a locked cabinet and removed a safe.

The safe was taken out through a second-floor window and left on the roof, Jantzen said. "An attempt had been made there to actually get into the safe by force with a big rock." The would-be safecrackers likely fled when police arrived, he said.

When planning parties, use caution and common sense, especially with grad season coming up, Jantzen said. "If you are going to have a party, just advertise it, really, to your friends you intend to invite and encourage them not to tell anyone else and just keep it small."


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