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Replica handgun draws police to Esquimalt neighbourhood

May 18 2012

Victoria police swarmed a quiet residential neighbourhood in Esquimalt with their firearms drawn after reports that a teen in the area had a gun.

Residents near Joffre and Lyall streets called police around 8 p.m. Wednesday saying a number of teens were yelling and causing a disturbance and that one of them was waving what looked like a gun.

About half a dozen officers rushed to the scene and, with guns drawn, ordered the four teens to get to the ground, said police spokesman Const. Mike Russell.

They surrendered and police found a 16-year-old with an airsoft replica handgun tucked inside his hoodie.

The fake gun was seized and the Esquimalt teens were released to their parents without charges, but only after a terse lecture about the dangers of replica handguns, Russell said.

It is police protocol to respond to any weapons call as though it's real, he said.

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