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Gang of teens terrorize people in and around the Luxton rodeo area

May 23 2012

West Shore RCMP are looking for a gang of teens suspected of terrorizing people in and around the Luxton rodeo Sunday night, holding up people at knifepoint and beating up a man unprovoked.

In the first incident, a teen was robbed of his backpack and skateboard by a group of teens, one who wielded a knife, inside the Luxton fairgrounds around 6:50 p.m., said RCMP spokesman Sgt. Max Fossum.

A teen skateboarding near Happy Valley Elementary School told police he was approached by six teens, five males and one female. The teen said one in the group threatened him with a knife, forcing him to turn over his ID, cellphone and cash.

Police believe the same group then punched a teen in the stomach and face and stole $20.

Around 9 p.m., a group of teens jumped an intoxicated man in his 30s near the Glen Lake liquor store. The man had to be hospitalized but was unable to give a solid description because he was intoxicated.

The victims gave police similar descriptions and RCMP suspect the same group in all the attacks and robberies, Fossum said. Investigators believe they have identified the main suspect who wielded the knife but have not laid any charges.

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