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Beacon Hill Park traffic plan backed by committee

May 25 2012

Victoria's environment and infrastructure committee on Thursday endorsed a traffic-management plan that would close off parts of Beacon Hill Park to cars.

To make the park more pedestrian and bicycle friendly, the city is considering a $25,000 trial that would see some roads shut to traffic, reduced parking on others and some roads turned into one-way routes.

The plan is a scaled-down version of a staff recommendation last year to spend more than $500,000 over five years on measures that include converting a number of internal roads into walkways and trails.

If approved by council, the pilot program would be implemented in July.

The city would consult the public to gauge support. Councillors would then decide whether to make the changes permanent or even expand them.

Changes proposed for the trial period include:

? Arbutus Way: Remove parallel parking except during evenings and weekends.

? Arbutus parking lot: Limit parking to two hours on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

? Chestnut Row: Convert to one-way southbound. Limit parking to three stalls for seniors and young families.

? Bridge Way: Close, using posts, at the washrooms. Provide parking for seniors and young families and a 15-minute parking stall.

? Heywood Way: Using posts, close to vehicles and convert to pedestrian use between the cricket pitch and Circle Drive.

? Circle Drive: Convert to one-way southeast-bound after parking lot.

? Erect information panels at various locations for feedback.


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