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Langford gas prices drop to $111.9

Jun 17 2012

When the Costco in Langford lowered its weekend gas prices, the result was congestion.

The station dropped its price for regular fuel to 111.9 cents a litre, well below the 139.9 seen elsewhere in town. When Costco's closest competitors, Chevron and Esso, matched its low price, the drivers flooded in.

But not everyone was buying. "It's not worth my time," said Langford resident Murray Schleining. "You could be there waiting for half an hour."

Schleining bought gas at the nearby Millstream Co-op gas station - which dropped its price to 117.9 - on Saturday night.

It was the second weekend in a row that Costco has lowered its gas prices. On Monday, cars lined up around the block because pumps were at capacity.

Saturday was similar, Schleining said. "The traffic was backed up to the Western Speedway."

Susan Schmidt, who also lives in Langford, also took advantage of the weekend's low gas prices.

She said she wasn't sure if the traffic congestion was the result of big-box stores or cheap gas. "At 4: 30 p.m., the traffic going out of Langford was crazy, like it was 7: 30 in the morning," she said.

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