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Morning toke trouble for driver

Jun 20 2012

Parking in a public place to smoke a Sunday-morning joint backfired on a Saanich woman.

The 50-year-old had pulled in next to an off-duty Saanich police officer, who was at the Gorge Plaza to grab a cup of coffee. The officer saw the woman puffing on a marijuana cigarette, using some forceps as a holder.

He saw her get out of the car and head to the adjacent coffee shop - without turning her vehicle off.

The officer contacted the Saanich police communications centre to relay the vehicle's licence-plate number and its location. When the woman started to drive away from the parking lot, she was stopped by a pair of patrol officers.

She denied having used marijuana, though the fumes in her car suggested otherwise.

In addition, the woman didn't have a licence and was driving someone else's vehicle. The vehicle was impounded and she was given a 24-hour driving suspension.

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