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Victims of alleged assault come forward

Jun 24 2012

Two victims came forward on Saturday in connection with an alleged physical assault on Pandora Avenue after two suspects were arrested Friday evening, police said.

About 6 p.m. Saturday, two women went to Victoria police to submit statements after a call was put out for witnesses to come forward about the incident.

Shortly after 10 p.m. Friday, a witness called police stating that a group of women were being harassed by two young women on the 900 block of Pandora Avenue, said Const. Mike Russell.

The group of women called out for help and the witness, who was waiting at a nearby bus stop, called police.

When police arrived on scene, the group of women had gone. Police arrested two women, aged 18 and 19, both Victoria residents. Russell said the suspects were intoxicated when police arrived.

According to police, the witness said two people had been physically assaulted.

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