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Senior fights off cougar attacking dog

Jul 18 2012

A 75-year-old Sayward women fought off two emaciated cougar cubs after they attacked her dog on Monday.

Jacqui Simenson was walking along the ocean shores of Sayward around 1: 30 p.m. when two cougars came running out of a nearby shack.

The woman repeatedly kicked the animals in the head as one of them ran off with her dog, said Sayward RCMP. When the dog got free, Simenson ran for help.

Police shot the two cougars, which had been camped out in the shack, presumably looking for easy prey.

"Based on the recent attack and the high pedestrian traffic in the area, the cubs were an obvious threat," said Cpl. Milo Ramsay of the Sayward RCMP.

He consulted with B.C. conservation officers, who said the cubs looked to be about a year old.

Ramsay, like many in the community, had mixed feelings about having to shoot the two animals.

"This was my first encounter with cougars and it was a very sad, very upsetting experience," Ramsay said. "I have an affinity for wildlife, as many do in this community, which is why it was difficult to make that decision."

Simenson was traumatized by the experience, police said, but otherwise unharmed.

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