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Motorcyclist in critical condition after collision with Smart car

Jul 20 2012

A 63-year-old motorcyclist is in critical condition after colliding wtih a Smart car that was making an illegal turn onto Market Street from Douglas Street.

The 87-year-old driver of the Smart car was travelling south on Douglas about 5 p.m. and turned left onto Market. The impact of the motorcycle spun the small car 180 degrees.

"To turn the car around, that's a substantial impact," said Const. Andy Dunstan. The driver is "critical, it's not good."

Officers on the scene point to the sign that clearly shows left turns are prohibited between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. Police regularly target the area to crack down on illegal left turns and they expect to be setting up again soon after the latest crash.

"We've been down here and we've enforced it and enforced it to the point where we would have five or six cars lined up," Dunstan said. "You'd be writing a ticket and when you're done, you'd pull another one over and then another one."

Drivers get upset when they get fined, telling police they never get into accidents at that particular spot. Dunstan reminds them that "most often" there may not be any collisions, but when it happens the "consequences are severe."

The front end of the motorcycle was mangled and markings on the Smart car indicated the northbound bike rammed into the back end of the car near the wheel well.

Police continued their investigation after 7 p.m. There was no update on the condition of the motorcyclist.


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