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Ruby Ann Ruffolo learns Friday whether her murder conviction will be upheld

Jul 27 2012

The B.C. Court of Appeal will release its decision Friday on Ruby Ann Ruffolo’s appeal of her conviction for the first-degree murder of her husband.

On Nov. 18, 2010, B.C. Supreme Court Justice Mary Humphries convicted Ruffolo of the October 2003 murder of her husband, John Ruffolo.

Humphries accepted the Crown’s theory that Ruffolo gave her husband a sedative, then injected him with a fatal overdose of heroin, later leaving his body in a ditch in Langford.

Ruffolo testified that she did not kill her husband. Her lawyers argued that others had a motive to kill him and that the main Crown witnesses were not credible.

Ruffolo appealed her conviction in December 2010. Justice Mary Newbury released her in May 2011 on $100,000 bail pending the appeal.

The Crown appealed Ruffolo’s release, and last August, a Court of Appeal panel concluded it was not in the public interest for Ruffolo to be out on bail. She remains in prison.

Her appeal was heard in B.C. Court of Appeal in Vancouver in June. Ruffolo was represented at the hearing by Vancouver criminal lawyer Howard Rubin.

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