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Man who harassed ex-girlfriend locked up

Jul 27 2012

A Victoria man with a history of domestic assaults and threats has been sentenced to 4 1 years in prison /2 for harassing his ex-girlfriend and her husband.

In April, B.C. Supreme Court Justice Geoffrey Gaul convicted Thomas Taylor of criminally harassing his former partner and her husband between Oct.

29 and Dec. 29, 2010. Taylor's week-long, judge-alone trial in March heard that the harassment included videotaping the woman's apartment through a blind.

Gaul also convicted Taylor of breaching a probation order from a prior conviction involving the same complainant.

On Thursday, Gaul sentenced Taylor to 4 1 years /2 for harassment, noting his significant record of domestic assaults, threats, harassment and forcible confinement. Taylor also received a concurrent oneyear sentence for breaching his probation.

Gaul credited Taylor for 17 months spent in pretrial custody. It means Taylor must serve three years and one month in prison.

He is prohibited from possessing weapons for 10 years after his release.

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