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Coroner rules self-stabbing an accident

Aug 14 2012

Foul play has been ruled out in the death of a Peachland, man who accidentally stabbed himself while trashing a stolen truck.

Coroner Elizabeth Noble's report says Cody Doucette, 33, died from loss of blood, as a result of a stab wound to his right armpit.

On May 21, 2011, Doucette was driving a stolen 2000 Ford F-350 while his friend followed him in another vehicle.

Police said that when they got to a secluded area outside of Kelowna, Doucette drove the stolen pickup into a heavily treed area to destroy it as his friend waited in his own vehicle out of sight a short distance away.

Doucette returned to the friend's vehicle on foot about 10 minutes later, getting in the passenger side before collapsing onto the seat, bleeding heavily, the report said.

The friend called 911 and drove Doucette to meet the ambulance on Highway 33 at 10: 30 p.m. He died at 10: 48 p.m. at Kelowna General Hospital.

The F-350 truck, located and examined by the RCMP, had extensive damage, Nobel's report said.

"A yellow X-Acto knife was located just behind the front driver's side tire, which was flat and had a large cut in it. It was determined that Doucette had slashed the tire with the X-Acto knife," said Noble.

During the autopsy, a pathologist noted a stab wound "that penetrated deeply, tearing the axilla artery and vein as well as adjacent smaller vessels. A segment of metal consistent with an X-Acto blade knife was deep within the tissue at the base of the wound," Noble said.

A toxicology test showed no alcohol or drugs in his system. Noble made no recommendations in her report.

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