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Police examining video footage in arson attempt

Aug 22 2012

A homeowner's decision to install an outdoor security camera has paid off, yielding footage of an attempted arson.

West Shore RCMP Max Fossum said the video shows a man trying to torch a car.

"What it shows is the male approaching the car, looking around a bit, opening up the door of the vehicle and going into the glove box," Fossum said. "From there, he sets paper on fire on the seat of the vehicle. The paper burned, but the seat did not ignite."

The incident happened Monday night at a home on Phipps Road, near the West Shore Town Centre in Langford.

Police are trying to enhance the video to get more detail, Fossum said. The suspect was wearing a hoodie, a ball cap, capristyle pants and dark shoes.

Fossum said police are investigating whether the incident is connected to other vehicle fires.

Anyone with information on the recent fires is asked to call West Shore RCMP at 2504742264.

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