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Kittens abandoned in cooler reunited with their mother

Aug 30 2012

The SPCA has managed to trap the mom of newborn kittens that were left in a cooler on a Surrey street Monday.

The reunited family is thriving.

"This is fabulous news for the kittens as it makes their survival so much easier," said SPCA spokeswoman Lorie Chortyk.

"Mom and babies were thrilled to be reunited.

"Yesterday the kittens were so agitated - today they are curled up nursing with mom, all sleepy and happy as clams."

Chortyk said the reunited family will be moved to a foster home and put up for adoption in about eight weeks.

A passerby discovered the kittens on a sidewalk in a camping cooler, with a "free kittens" sign tied to a nearby chain-link fence.

"They were very dehydrated and quite overheated," said Chortyk.

No identification was found on the mother cat to identify the owners, but Chortyk said the SPCA's animal cruelty investigation is ongoing.

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