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Buckshot in kitchen rattles Central Saanich homeowner

Aug 31 2012

A stray round of buckshot that rattled around Gord Gummer's kitchen has the Central Saanich resident intent on letting council know the municipality has a problem.

Gummer said that he and his wife were inside when she noticed an object zipping through the air.

"We didn't know what it was, and then we heard a clanking in the kitchen," Gummer said.

What appeared to be a small ball-bearing had slammed into a cupboard, denting it.

Gummer said he called police right away.

"At first we thought maybe some kids were fooling around with a pellet gun, but the object was way too big," he said. "It was pretty unnerving."

The object had likely come in through one of the doors or windows that were open due to the warm weather.

With agricultural land nearby, the prospect of the shot coming from deer-wary farmers soon came up. Evidence seems to be pointing in that direction, Gummer said, though Central Saanich police said they were still investigating.

"I'll be drafting a letter for council to review the practice of using live ammunition for crop protection, especially so close to a residential area," Gummer said.