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Prospect Lake area cautioned about bear; cougar seen in Central Saanich

Sep 04 2012

Saanich police are warning residents in the Prospect Lake area to keep a lid on garbage and pick up fallen fruit after a black bear was reported wandering in the area Sunday night.

The animal was spotted Sunday trying to get into a garbage can at a Petworth Drive residence, police said.

The bear didn't appear to be aggressive but the resident found it too close for comfort, police said.

Meanwhile, a cougar spotted in Central Saanich Friday night has so far eluded police and conservation officers.

Saanich Police received a report that a cougar was seen in the 400-block of Sparton Road around 7 p.m. A cyclist reported seeing the cougar.

Police and B.C. Conservation Officers searched the area using tracking dogs, but the cougar was not found. Police say cougar sightings are not uncommon in rural areas of Saanich.

In late August, a cougar attacked livestock in Saanich. The attack, which happened in the 4000-block of Prospect Lake Road, was reported to Saanich police on Wednesday morning. Two sheep and a goat were killed. Saanich Pound and B.C. Conservation officers looked for the animal but couldn't track it.

Seven goats and a sheep were killed by a cougar in the Martindale Valley area of Central Saanich the previous week. Anyone who sees a cougar is asked to call police at 250-475-4321.

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