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New heart, fresh start for Evanne

Sep 09 2012

One month into recovery from her second heart transplant, Evanne Fisher bounces around the couch in her new Langford apartment like a perfectly healthy seven-year-old.

Minutes away, in the parking lot of Canadian Tire, friends of the family raised about $2,000 at a barbecue and car wash.

The money will help Evanne's mother, Tamara Fisher, pay for expenses, whether it's food or travel to B.C. Children's Hospital in Vancouver.

Evanne was a little exhausted Saturday morning and her immune system is compromised, so she had to stay home with mom, but the family, including Evanne's father, Jason Aldridge, say they appreciate the community support.

"I was always feeling like there are so many people worse off than us out there, but when it's all said and done, I'm a single mom on income assistance, raising two kids," Fisher said.

"The donations do so much for the morale and the psyche, just knowing I can breathe for a few months, staying at home, focusing on Evanne and being with Evanne."

Fisher learned before Evanne was born that she would need a heart transplant; it came when she was just five weeks old. That heart started to fail in June, requiring her to get a pacemaker defibrillator. About a month later, she had a heart attack.

Fortunately, a heart came available and on Aug. 4, Evanne received the third heart she's had in her brief seven years.

Saturday's event was organized by Michelle Bressan and several other friends. Volunteers washed cars, sold hot dogs by donation, and raffled off about 60 gifts donated by the community.

"It's amazing to see what people are willing to help out with," Bressan said. "It's always nice to see how a community can come together with such support."


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