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Youth's bail release tied to installing home alarm system

Sep 14 2012

A 16-year-old Saanich youth arrested in late August for sexual assault and break-and-enter will be released on bail next week if his parents install an alarm system on all the outside doors and windows of their home.

At the youth's bail hearing Thursday, Victoria provincial court Judge Loretta Chaperon said the youth can be released into the care of his parents after she receives a report from Price's Alarms confirming an alarm has been installed.

Another condition of the youth's release is that one of his parents be at home with him at all times of the day and night. The bail hearing to confirm the alarm system has been installed is expected to continue Tuesday.

The teen's parents as well as two Saanich police officers, a youth worker and a Corrections worker were present in youth court to hear prosecutor Barbara Penty and defence lawyer Dale Marshall discuss whether the 16-year-old should be released. The proceedings cannot be reported because a publication ban is in place. The youth's identity is also protected under the provisions of the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

At the start of hearing, the judge asked the identity of every person present in the courtroom. Students on a class trip were cautioned not to repeat or publish any information about the case outside the courtroom.

The accused appeared by video from the youth detention centre. The slightly built fresh-faced teen could be seen wiping his eyes with a Kleenex. He has been in custody since his arrest in the early morning of Aug. 30.

Chaperon ordered the youth's release on other stringent conditions that essentially amount to house arrest. He must reside in the house at all times with his parents or a person approved by his youth worker. If the youth leaves the house for any reason, he must also be with one of his parents or the person approved by the youth worker.

The youth is prohibited from contacting the victim and is not allowed to go within two blocks of the Borden Street home where the alleged break-in and sexual assault took place.

The youth is not allowed to return to high school, but will attend distance learning, Chaperon said. He is prohibited from using the Internet except when his parents are present. He must visit a psychiatrist or psychologist for assessment, treatment and counselling.

The youth is not allowed to consume alcohol or take drugs, unless it is prescription medication. The youth must not possess any weapons. He must report to a youth worker once a week.

The teen was arrested after an incident in which Saanich police said they responded to an interrupted 911 call that came in at 3: 15 a.m., Aug. 30.


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