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Skateboarders in downtown Victoria smash out windows of SUV after honk

Sep 18 2012

Three young men attacked the driver of a sport utility vehicle Friday night in downtown Victoria, using skateboards to smash out the windows while the driver and his two passengers tried to get away.

Victoria police have two men in custody, one of them arrested after an intense chase that ended in Chinatown, police spokesman Mike Tucker said today.

The driver of the Kia SUV was driving along Fort Street and honked his horn at the three men who were walking ahead of him down the middle of the same street.

One of the men threw a skateboard at his windshield, while another smashed out one of the rear passenger windows. The car eventually rounded the corner onto Douglas Street and the men ran off.

“I’ve never seen anything like this, it’s pretty disturbing, especially when you think that the driver had no ill intentions other than to warn them that a car was coming behind them,” Tucker said.

One man was arrested within minutes of the attack. He ran to View Street where he was bragging about what he had done, say police.

“I guess someone took offence to that and detained him until police arrived,” Tucker said.

The second man was nabbed by police when he returned to the scene of the crime. Officers were talking to the victims - a couple from Langley and their friend - when one victim spotted the man and pointed him out to police.

One officer on a motorcycle chased the man several blocks, driving in and out of alley ways in a “dramatic” chase, according to Tucker.


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