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55,000 morning rush-hour trips made to and within Victoria

Sep 22 2012
2011 Capital Region Household Travel Survey Highlights

The City of Victoria remains the most popular destination for commuters travelling within the capital region.

More than 55,000 trips are made to and within Victoria during morning rush hour, according to the latest traffic survey released by the Capital Regional District. The District of Saanich is the only close comparison, with 51,600 trips.

The CRD's 2011 Origin Destination Household Survey confirms that the core communities attract the most traffic and that an increasing number of vehicles out of the West Shore is adding to the congestion.

Though much of the information confirms what policymakers already know, the information provides valuable direction when it comes to transit investments, land-use planning or road improvements, planners say.

The data show more trips being made in the evening peak period from 3 to 6 p.m. (286,487) than in the morning peak period from 6 to 9 a.m. (182,486), but the difference stems largely from how trips are counted.

The survey counts all destination points as a single trip. Travelling from home to work, for example, is one trip. A trip from work to daycare, then to the grocery store, and then home counts as three trips. A drive to work and a walk to get lunch counts as two trips.

Thus, the results show most commuters have additional stops on their way home, compared to on the way to work in the morning.