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CRD administration in for a management change

Oct 04 2012

Major changes are coming to the Capital Regional District's administration as fully half of the senior management team is leaving.

Chief administrative officer Kelly Daniels has said he will retire at the end of January.

Lloyd Rushton, the general manager of parks, will retire after 27 years, effective at the end of this month. Jack Hull, the integrated water services general manager, has been appointed interim project director of the sewage treatment project being overseen by a quasi-independent commission.

Both CRD chairman Geoff Young and Daniels conceded that the departures represent a considerable amount of corporate knowledge walking out the door.

"It is a significant change," Daniels said, adding that there is a competent team within the organization able to step in until replacements are found.

Daniels, 60, who has been at the head of the regional government for 7 1/2 years, said it was just time to move on.

"I think CAOs have a shelf life in larger organizations. [After] seven to 10 years, you should be looking to changing them up," he said.

A consultant is already searching to help fill the vacancies created by the departures of Rush-ton and Hull. CRD directors will decide this week how to best proceed in finding a replacement for Daniels.

Given the process and various approvals required, Young said he doubted that a replacement for Daniels would be found before his departure. And, he said, there would be some debate at the CRD board about whether it makes sense to replace the other two department heads before hiring a new chief administrator.

"There will be some discussion about the timing of the filling of the jobs," Young said.

He said Daniels would be missed. "I've enjoyed working with Kelly and I would have hoped he would have stayed on a little longer," Young said.

Rushton, 65, started with CRD parks in 1985 as manager of visitor services.

He said it would be hard to find a better place for a parks career.

"The community is so supportive and that keeps being reinforced," Rushton said.

"The one thing ... that has been reinforced again and again is just how supportive this community and the politicians in this region are of the regional parks system."


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