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Teen recalls man's emails soliciting sex for alcohol

Oct 07 2012

A teenager testified that she was angry and creeped out when she received a online message from 22-year-old Aaron Craig in December 2009.

The girl, whose identity is protected by a court order, was testifying last week at Craig's jury trial in B.C. Supreme Court. Craig is charged with Internet luring with the intention of committing a sexual offence, the sexual assault of a 13-year-old girl and touching for a sexual purpose.

The Crown has closed its case. The defence is expected to begin its case on Tuesday.

The jury has heard that in the fall of 2009, the 13-year-old victim was in Grade 8 and had a romantic girlfriend.

Now 16, the victim testified last week that when she opened an account on the online social networking site Nexopia in November 2009, she received a message from Craig with the greeting "You're gorgeous."

They chatted on the social networking site and she agreed to meet him in person. The first time they met, Craig bought some liquor and the teen had a few sips before she went home.

Their online chats became more sexual, she testified. On Nov. 27, she asked Craig if he could get her some alcohol.

"If it's worth my time, I'll come," he said.

When they met, Craig asked where they should go. They went into some bushes and had sexual intercourse, then walked to a liquor store, where Craig bought her a bottle of vodka, the teen testified. The teen went home and never saw him again.

A second teen testified that she learned her girlfriend had sex with a 22-year-old man called Aaron Craig.

She testified that her friends showed her how to hack into her girlfriend's Nexopia account and she read the messages between her girlfriend and Craig.

So when Craig messaged her on Dec. 6, 2009, with the same "You're gorgeous," greeting, she angrily told him to get lost.

"If I were you I'd stop creeping little girls," the teen wrote back.

"Are you accusing him of doing something?" asked prosecutor Leslie Baskerville.

"I'm accusing him of having sex with her," said the teen.

In their email exchange, Craig messaged: "Haha, I got your gf and it only cost $25."

"I thought it was for alcohol," the teen replied.

The girl testified that she was very angry at that point because Craig said her girlfriend had slept with him for money, which was even worse.

The girlfriend was the one who cheated, he replied. "I don't know you, so she is in the wrong, not me."

Craig told her not to hate him for what her girlfriend did.

"I do have a reason," the teen replied. "You knew she was dating and you still f---ed her and you're about 40 years old and you creep little girls who are 13. It's called statutory rape what you did to her. I can put you in jail right now so don't f---ing talk to me or any of my friends."

Craig replied that he was 17.

"I know for a fact you're not 17," the teen wrote.

A teacher's assistant overheard a conversation about the incident, and the girls were taken to the school counsellor about it, the teen testified. The Nex-opia messages were printed off and the school notified the police.

A third teen testified that Craig also contacted her on Dec. 6 with the greeting "You're gorgeous."

"I was very angry," she testified.

She had never met Craig, but the victim's girlfriend told her he'd had sex with the 13-year-old, she testified.

The teen told Craig, "You are a rapist. You're like 30 years old having sex with 13-year-olds. That's disgusting."

Craig replied that he was 17.


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