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Eight break-ins reported at eatery

Oct 11 2012

It's their eighth break-in, and the staff and owners of Romeo's on the Trans-Canada Highway in Duncan are fed up with it.

"They're always after liquor and ours is always locked up. There's nothing to steal," said Joanne Allen as she showed where three thieves had broken expensive glass doors and fence panels to make their way in just before 2 a.m. Sunday.

One of the thieves is seen on surveillance video with a couple of bottles, but they were Italian soda mix, Allen said.

The three people on the video appear to know exactly where they were going, said manager Eileen Ross.

"It's getting very frustrating," she said. "I don't know why they keep trying to come in here. Before, they've broken in the front doors, they've come in through the back patio. I don't understand it."

Apart from the small pieces of broken glass by the door and patio panel, there appeared to be no other damage at the restaurant.

"They always go straight for where they think the liquor is," Allen said.

The restaurant got a call from its security firm at 1: 50 a.m. Sunday, after the motion sensor on the north side had gone off.

A restaurant employee went to check it out and arrived at 2 a.m. to discover the patio glass door and the side door windows were broken.

RCMP were called and arrived minutes later.

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