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Two arrested in mall lot pot deal

Oct 17 2012

Note to drug dealers: When selling your goods, don't do it in front of the cops.

On Monday afternoon, two men decided to carry out a marijuana exchange in the parking lot at University Heights Shopping Centre, just a few metres from a pair of Saanich police inspectors - one in full uniform - sitting in an unmarked car.

Both men appeared to look at the police vehicle, but it didn't seem to register with them, said Saanich police Sgt. Dean Jantzen.

The deal started with a man sitting in a car, separated by a single empty space from the police.

"Moments later, a young man on a bike with a backpack showed up," Jantzen said.

The cyclist entered the car and "quite an obvious transaction" took place, he said.

Two plastic containers of marijuana, each holding eight packages of about 10 grams, were seized.

A 25-year-old and a 27-year-old were arrested.

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