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Bus riders face more cancelled trips Monday

Oct 29 2012
B.C. Transit driver Graham Orr works without a uniform Oct. 10 while his route takes him along Douglas Street. 

B.C. Transit driver Graham Orr works without a uniform Oct. 10 while his route takes him along Douglas Street.

Photograph by: Darren Stone , timescolonist.com

The continuing overtime ban by Greater Victoria bus drivers will result in more disruption Monday for commuters.

Here is the list of cancelled trips for Monday posted by B.C. Transit:

6 leaving Dockyard 6:23am to Quadra and Hillside 6:46am

6 leaving Royal Oak Exchange 6:51am to HMC Dockyard 7:30am

6 leaving HMC Dockyard 7:40am to Royal Oak Exchange 8:28am

6 leaving Royal Oak Exchange 8:15am to HMC Dockyard 9:04am

11 leaving Tillicum Mall 6:09am to Uvic Exchange 7:00am

11 leaving Uvic Exchange 7:06am to Tillicum Mall 7:57am

11 leaving Tillicum Mall 8:10am to Uvic Exchange 9:08am

21 leaving Tech Park 7:16am to Fairfield and Blanshard 7:50am

26 leaving Uvic Exchange 6:10am to HMC Dockyard 6:51am

26 leaving HMC Dockyard 6:58am to Uvic Exchange 7:47am

29 leaving Shelbourne and McKenzie 8:00am to Uvic Exchange 8:25am

31 leaving Royal Oak Exchange 7:26am to Erie and Dallas 8:06am

33 leaving Erie and Dallas 8:12am to UVic 8:50am

35 leaving Royal Oak Exchange 8:31am to Royal Oak Exchange 8:48am

35 leaving Royal Oak Exchange 8:48am to Royal Oak Exchange 9:05am

39 leaving Western Exchange 6:51am to Uvic 7:48am

39 leaving Uvic 7:54am to Royal Roads 8:50am

50 leaving Government and Superior 8:23am to Langford Exchange 9:07am

50 leaving Langford Exchange 9:15am to Government and Superior 9:57am

50 leaving Government and Superior 10:18am to Langford Exchange 11:05am

50 leaving Langford Exchange 10:15am to Government and Superior 10:57am

50 leaving Government and Superior 1:12pm to Langford Exchange 2:01pm

61 leaving Western Exchange 6:02am to Sooke Road and Shields 6:33am

61 leaving Sooke Road and Shields 6:46am to Government and Superior 8:11am

Fewer buses are expected to be on the road this week because maintenance work is piling up. Mechanics have also refused to work overtime in the latest form of job action by the Canadian Auto Workers Local 333.

The union’s 650 members stopped working overtime shifts because of a breakdown in contract negotiations with B.C. Transit. Drivers have also stopped wearing uniforms.

“The problem with the overtime ban is that it just makes our flexibility and our ability to respond quickly to [personnel changes] more difficult,” said Meribeth Burton, spokeswoman for B.C. Transit. Overtime is often used when a driver calls in sick, for example.

B.C. Transit is posting a list of cancelled trips at its website, bctransit.com.

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