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Companies get 48-hour extension on bridge bids

Oct 31 2012

The city of Victoria has given companies bidding on construction of the Johnson Street Bridge replacement another 48 hours to finalize their proposals.

The delay marks the third time an extension has been granted and was in response to a request for additional time for the proponents: PCL Constructors Westcoast Inc.; Peter Kiewit Infrastructure Co.

(Kiewit); and WCC Construction Canada, ULC (Walsh). The proposals must be submitted by Thursday at 4 p.m.

Acting mayor Chris Coleman said the extension is simply to allow more time for the proponents to put the finishing touches on their proposals.

"It's a two-day extension to finish stuff up and get it to us for Nov. 1," Coleman said. "It doesn't have any downstream impacts in terms of construction schedules or anything like that."

Once the proposals are received, staff will begin the evaluation process, which could take several weeks.

Following that, the evaluation committee will recommend to council the selection of the preferred proponent. Once selected, the preferred proponent and the city will negotiate a contract for the construction of the new bridge.

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