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Morning muggings befall Nanaimo

Nov 24 2012

Nanaimo RCMP are investigating a string of robberies in which people were attacked in the early-morning hours.

One of the latest incidents happened Thursday when a woman walking in the downtown area was struck from behind, knocked down and had her wallet stolen. She was found about 4: 25 a.m. by a passerby, who called police.

An ambulance took the woman to hospital where she was treated for injuries to her face, hands and shoulders.

Police said her attackers are believed to have been males in their late teens or early 20s.

Only hours later, at about 7: 20 a.m., a woman walking on Dunster Road went to investigate what she thought was the sound of kittens behind a dumpster and ended up getting knocked unconscious. The assailant or assailants went through her purse and took money. The woman remained on the ground until someone happened by and summoned help.

She was taken to hospital with a head injury.

Another similar occurrence, this one involving a couple, happened about 4 a.m., Oct. 25. Both the man and woman were struck on the head and the woman's purse was taken.

Police have not yet determined if the robberies are connected.

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