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Times Colonist Christmas Fund: No place like home for the holidays

Dec 02 2012
Jane Seymour hopes to be able to move into a new trailer with her husband and two children. 

Jane Seymour hopes to be able to move into a new trailer with her husband and two children.

Photograph by: Lyle Stafford , timescolonist.com (Nov. 2012)

Justina Seymour and her family endured mould in their last home. But when the mice were evicted by rats, Seymour and family opted to leave.

The 28-year-old Brentwood Bay woman said she and her husband thought they had covered most of the rat holes. But then they found their son's backpack with a hole chewed through and decided it was time to leave.

"They were eating our food; they were climbing on our furniture," said the 28-year Brentwood Bay woman. "We saw them daily. It was awful."

Seymour hopes her Times Colonist Christmas Fund award will provide a nice holiday supper with all the trimmings, in a new home.

"We are hopefully going to be in by Christmas and we'll have food and we'll be in our own place," she said.

"It will be a great new start and a great start for the holidays."

She and her husband and their two sons, 15 and 11, are now waiting on work to be completed, as well as various water and sewer connections for a new trailer, paid for by Seymour's mother.

Seymour said the site, behind the home of her father in Brentwood Bay, has been mostly cleared. She has been promised the property will be ready in time for Christmas.

Since leaving their home last May to the mould and the rats, the family has been moving around, staying with family members for a few days at a time, before moving on.

Seymour's husband, Victor, was hurt last year and spent 15 days recovering in hospital. He was unable to work and Seymour had to leave her job to help him.

The couple resorted to social assistance for a time. But they were denied any disability payments because Victor's injuries were not received on the job.

"We didn't have much income, except to buy groceries," Seymour said.

Victor has now returned to work, driving a truck several days per week. And Justina is attending classes at Camosun College learning to be a support worker for First Nations people.

But right now, what the family is really looking forward to is a chance to establish a new home.

"Hopefully, it will be ready soon," Seymour said. "That's what we are asking for: to move in before Christmas after so many months of moving around."



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