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Campbell River father's video confession reveals insight into son's death

Dec 04 2012

In a videotaped confession, a deeply distressed Brent Warren told police the medication he was taking made him stab his son 27 times.

The 44-year-old Campbell River father has pleaded not guilty to the first-degree murder of his seven-year-old son Jonathan in July 2011. Warren has invoked Section 16 of the criminal code, inviting the court to find him not criminally responsible by reason of a mental disorder.

In the two-hour video made hours after Jonathan’s death, Warren tell RCMP investigator Gordon Hay he didn’t want to kill Jonathan, but it was the pills.

“I don’t know why the f---- I hurt my boy. It’s those pills, I tell you.”

Warren, who comes into the interview room wearing a white jumpsuit and paper slippers, tells the officer he was born into a violent home, with an alcoholic father who beat him all the time. Warren tells Hay he was arrested under the Mental Health Act, put in hospital and put on harsh medication.

“I took God out of the universe and put him in me and now he’s trapped and I can’t set him free.”

Warren said he sat on a star for more than 2000 years. He walked the world before and gave his life for us.

But throughout the interview, Warren is overcome with what he has done. He sobs and apologizes to Jonathan, telling him he misses him, begging him for forgiveness, telling him he wants to hold him in his arms again.

“I’m so, so, so, so, so sorry,” he cries.

At another point, Warren says: “I’m sorry. Jonathan. I can’t believe I did that to you. I killed the best thing in my life, my boy.”

He repeatedly mentions the sight of his son’s little face, looking at him and saying ‘Daddy, no. Daddy, no.’

“I did it for love, for love of the human race, for everything,” says Warren.

“I thought what I was doing was right. And it wasn’t right.”


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