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10 electric-car charging stations planned

Dec 09 2012

Shoppers with electric vehicles will soon find it easier to find a place to park - and charge - their cars in Victoria. Ten new electric vehicle charging stations are planned, thanks to local organizations tapping into the B.C. government's Community Charging Infrastructure Fund.

There will be four charging stations in the Bay Centre; two at each of the region's Walmarts (in Saanich and Langford); one at Nedco, a wholesale electrical supply company; and one at Home Energy Solutions, a company that specializes in solar energy equipment.

In all, 145 Level 2 (240-volt) charging stations will be installed around the province.

In the capital region, all of the chargers will be installed on private property and as a result, businesses will set the terms of use.

Although businesses are not allowed to charge for electricity, they can charge a fee for parking or place restrictions on who may use the chargers. So far, there have been no reports of businesses asking consumers to pay for charging their vehicles.

More than 60 per cent of the new charging stations in B.C. are being installed by businesses.

The remainder are divided among non-profit groups and public-sector agencies.

Under terms of the fund, all stations must be installed by March 31.

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