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Deer leaps through basement window

Nov 07 2011

A large deer crashed through a couple's basement window in Esquimalt Saturday, injuring itself and leaving blood and glass everywhere.

Gary Davis and his wife Nancy, a couple in their 50s, were upstairs in their home on Rock Crest Avenue about 11 a.m. when they heard a loud crash.

"When we went downstairs to investigate, there was a deer in our basement," said Gary.

"He leapt in through a window. There was blood and glass everywhere."

While the deer seemed calm, Davis closed the basement door, and opened another door that leads to the garage so the deer could get out.

Davis suspects that as it is rutting season, the buck saw its reflection in the window, thought it was another deer and charged. He thinks the deer was injured because it limped away but said he didn't call the B.C.

Conservation Service.

Davis's insurance company sent a crew to clean up the basement and board up the window.

The company estimated repairs would cost about $2,000.

Urban deer have been a huge problem in the area, with deer roaming around people's yards on a daily basis, Davis said.

The Capital Regional District is trying to figure out how to manage the thousands of blacktailed deer in Greater Victoria, which have attacked dogs, ravaged gardens and run in front of cars. A senior biologist told the CRD recently that a cull is the only option. kderosa@timescolonist.com

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