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Dog 'back from dead' after fire

Nov 07 2011

A family dog thought to have perished in a house fire in Nanaimo Saturday emerged from the ashes nearly 12 hours later when the ruined structure was being demolished.

Fire ripped through the house at 4205 Jingle Pot Rd. in the early hours. Damage was so severe that the top floor of the 1,800 square-foot building fell into the ground floor.

The Bradd family escaped without injury but Daisy, their dog, was thought to have been lost in the inferno.

Doug Bell, captain of the Nanaimo Fire Rescue Department's fire and loss prevention division, said: "The family woke up from smoke alarms. It saved their lives."

Bell said Daisy must have become trapped when the roof collapsed. "We were removing the roof and then all of a sudden we heard screaming, but it was good screaming," he said.

"When we were working on the building there was a large shift, and then seconds later the dog appeared."

Six fire engines were sent to tackle the blaze.

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