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Assessment ordered for would-be killer

Nov 26 2011

An American rocket scientist convicted of the attempted murder of his ex-fiancée and her husband outside their Gordon Head home three years ago has been ordered to undergo a psychological or psychiatric assessment before sentencing.

On Friday, Justice Geoffrey Gaul acknowledged David Ross Goldberg did not have to co-operate with the assessment. If he does not comply, a psychologicalpsychiatric report will be done based on existing materials.

Gaul said he believed having all the information about Goldberg's background would help him come to the right sentencing decision.

Initially, Goldberg instructed his lawyer Ray Dieno to argue against the need for a pre-sentence report with a psychiatric component. However, last week, Goldberg consented to the presentence report, but still opposed the psychological-psychiatric assessment.

Pre-sentence reports are done by probation officers who interview the offender, family members, employers and teachers. They also review police and correctional files to help the courts in knowing the offender as a person and his willingness to change.

Prosecutor Nils Jensen asked for the reports to determine what kind of risk Goldberg presents to the community. The judge found Goldberg acted irrationally and was driven by obsession.

Goldberg, who is no longer represented by Dieno, will appear again Dec. 14 to inform the court if he will represent himself at the sentencing hearing.


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