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Home invasion in Victoria leaves man covered in blood

Nov 27 2011

Victoria police were investigating an apparent home invasion Saturday at 2425 Wark St.

A man was taken to hospital with multiple injuries, police said. Officers were looking for two suspects.

The incident, which happened about 1: 30 p.m., was described by police as "not random."

Shannon Gair was in her thirdfloor apartment when she heard a commotion on the floor below, she said. She went down the staircase and opened the fire door to see "a big guy with a big machete" in his hands.

He rushed past her and left the building through the front door.

The victim was standing and alert, but covered in blood, Gair said. He is not a resident of the building, Gair said.

"He was trying to drag suitcases into an apartment," she said.

"He had lots of bad cuts. He was claiming he was here to visit a friend and he just got off the plane from Ontario."

The resident of the apartment where the altercation took place was not home and was not directly involved, Gair said.

The condition of the victim was not known.